Buried Treasures
Uncovering  America's Most Precious Commodity...
One Child At a Time.

Buried Treasures exists to ensure the positive growth and development of the children from at-risk communities throughout New Jersey and ultimately the country.  Too many young people are literally being buried; either in a cemetery or under a lengthy prison sentence before the greatness in them can be realized.  This travesty cannot be allowed to continue, as it is becoming increasingly worse with every passing year. In a time when our communities are beset by crime and delinquency, the overwhelming majority of the resources directed toward these ills are spent on incarceration and inadequate programs which produce minimal, if any results.  More importantly, those responsible for determining what monies will be spent where, rely solely on inaccurate data and biased statistics. 

The reality is that the policy affected toward our children is being instituted by people who have little to no experience at “ground zero”.   It is not realistic to believe our government’s approach toward curing the ills facing our children will have an impact that is conducive to positive productivity.  Simply stated, you cannot revitalize or rehabilitate a community or a people you cannot understand.  To be truly effective, the facilitator must have intimate knowledge of, as well as be able to relate to, all the issues facing a particular population.

Buried Treasures has created an effective approach designed to facilitate the process of life building for our children.   We stand firm in our belief that all our children can be saved and our approach is centered in that resolve.  At Buried Treasures we are motivated by one simple question:  What would the world look like if we properly loved our own children and genuinely loved the children of others?

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